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Many Polynesian languages face an uncertain future.

Attempts have been made to revitalize the Hawaiian language through educational programs at the university and the elementary school levels.

Myths relate the origins of human beings as well as the origins of cultural practices and institutions.

There is a considerable body of mythology regarding the origins of tattooing in Polynesian cultures.

Holidays in most contemporary Polynesian societies are events related to the state or the church.

In the French possessions like the Marquesas, Bastille Day (July 14) is an important holiday. It commemorates the fall of the Bastille, a French fortress formerly used as a prison that was captured by revolutionaries on July 14, 1789.) Many islanders now celebrate a number of Catholic holidays due to influence of missionaries in the colonial era.

An ornament-maker would fashion hair ornaments for the child to wear later in life.

The newborn was brought presents by family and friends, and a type of shrine was built by the infant's father. The practice of tattooing in Polynesia carries with it cultural and symbolic meanings.

From what is known of precontact (before European contact) practices, there was considerable variation in religious ideas and practices throughout Polynesia.There were rules that served to protect through forbidding certain actions.In the Marquesas Islands, a woman's menstrual cloth itself was not tapu; however, it was tapu to touch it.The indigenous (native) populations suffered greatly at the hands of the Europeans.They lost their traditional lands and resources, and suffered discrimination against their cultures and languages.

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