Dating a somali man

Two days prior, he stepped out with the beauty at the TIFF premiere of his other film, Molly’s Game, but he actually went out of his way to verbally introduce her while they were speaking to press at TMBU event: “This is my beautiful girlfriend,” he told Canada’s etalk.

And according to the New York Post‘s Page Six, a source told the publication that the two have been dating for about seven months.

I mean if we will still be together and decide that we want to create a family and will be ready for this then he would talk to his mom.And also my mom says things as he is just having good time with me cause he doesn't want to marry a girl now and he can't, he also wouldn't able just go out and have fun with muslim girl, so he's chosen the best option- be with European now in order to have this kind of relationship and then when he will be ready for marriage marry a Muslim girl.When I told him my concerns that I can't be with him if I am not sure it won't finish, cause I am a girl and for me it's not like I can be with one man then with another..he said he doesn't like these stereotypes, he also 'giving' himself to me without a guarantee we will stay together.This red carpet couple’s debut comes after Elba told Essence in the August issue that he didn’t see himself marrying again. Submitted by Nicky (Estonia), Jun 28, 2014 at I am a European Christian girl and I am in a relationship with Somalian guy for two years.

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